The Genesis DAO
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Be part of the first step in a new chapter of human collaboration
Genesis is an independent, global community of people working together to build and promote Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).
It is the first of a growing number of DAOs built on the DAO stack.
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Breaking New Ground
Genesis is experimenting with a ground-breaking governance model. It aims for resilience and scalability: no matter how large Genesis gets, it will keep the ability to make fast decisions that accurately represent the community’s views.* Genesis is using this protocol to make real budgeting decisions right now.

*For more information on the Genesis Protocol, read about Holographic Consensus here.
Who should join Genesis?
Users freelancers icon
Get paid for work on DAOstack projects you propose
  • Develop Solidity, Javascript/Typescript
  • Create online content
  • Produce local events
Users researchers icon
Experiment with a new form of governance
  • Take part in daily governance decisions
  • Join community discussions and calls
  • Propose and execute DAO research projects
Users community leaders icon
Community leaders
Get support starting your own DAO
  • Present your idea to an interested community
  • Meet possible future contributors
  • Propose that Genesis help fund your DAO
Getting started with Genesis
Interested in joining the Genesis DAO? The process is simple: make a proposal to the DAO introducing yourself and asking for some Reputation (voting power).