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Building Collaborative Networks
DAOstack is an open source project advancing the technology and adoption of decentralized governance.
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What is DAOStack?
Cut Costs,
Budget Effectively,
and Scale Limitlessly
With a DAO on Alchemy, DAOstack’s friendly DAO interface
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Alchemy lets projects seamlessly govern themselves, allocating shared resources and making effective decisions at scale.

Learn about using Alchemy for your project
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DAO Use Cases
Use cases grants

DAOs designed to manage existing shared assets and work towards a common goal

Use cases control app
DAO controlling
an application

DAO-controlled applications - imagine versions of Facebook or Uber developed and managed by their own communities

Use cases physical dao

DAOs that manage physical spaces, like co-working spaces, condominiums, or cafes

Use cases alliance dao

DAOs uniting broad coalitions to work on common issues, such as environmentalism and legal protection

Join the Genesis DAO

The Genesis DAO is a Grants DAO launched by DAOstack to support the development of the project. It’s the perfect place to get involved with DAOstack and get your feet wet in a real-life DAO.

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Decentralized Collaboration, at scale

Blockchain enables new forms of human association that combine the scale and efficiency of free markets with the alignment and coherence of startups. The future of work involves networks self-organizing around shared goals and interests, and a new economy where cooperation is the winning strategy. This is a future of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).


DAOstack enables the effective governance
of self-organizing collectives

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Blockchain governance
Decentralized governance based on Ethereum smart contracts enables faultless execution of crowd decisions.
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Programmatic cooperation
Crypto-economic incentive design at the individual level empowers frictionless cooperation at the collective level.
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Holographic consensus
Effective decision-making is possible with edge decisions guaranteed to be coherent with the will of the greater majority.


The foundations of a thriving DAO ecosystem

Mesh networks of smart companies, jointly building an anti-rivalrous economy. Decentralized collaboration at scale.
The native user interface for the DAO stack, one of many interoperable collaborative applications.
Collaborative applications to enable crowd cooperation around any goal.
A friendly API layer that lets front-end developers easily build collaborative applications on top of Arc without being familiar with Solidity or the blockchain.
DAOstack’s shared registries that enhance the interoperability and network effect among collaborative DApps built on top of the stack.
A modular Solidity framework on the Ethereum blockchain that enables smart companies to be easily deployed, configured and upgraded. With an open library of governance modules and templates, Arc is like a Wordpress for DAOs.


Arc is an evolutionary framework for scalable governance

Arc supports an infinite number of governance elements. Its library of schemes and global constraints will evolve as the DAOstack ecosystem grows, with new templates and modules developed and added by the open-source development community and third parties.
Every DAO’s governance structure is made of small building blocks – governance modules, or elements – that can easily be added, combined, edited or removed. Modules do not need to be redeployed onto the blockchain, but rather only referred to, saving storage and operation costs and enhancing security.
The governance structure of each DAO can easily be upgraded to use new schemes and constraints, or different parameters of existing ones. More granularly, each DAO created through Arc comes with a particular set of rules, which by default include the rules to change the rules.

The GEN Predictors Network

GEN is the native token of the DAOstack platform, and it plays a fundamental role in successful DAO governance. GEN is used in a prediction layer that allows DAOs to scale their decision-making frequency without sacrificing representativity. Read more about the utility of the GEN token below.