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An operating system for collective intelligence
DAOstack powers decentralized companies, funds and markets to make fast and innovative decisions at scale.
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What is DAOStack?
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The Genesis DAO was launched by DAOstack to grow a thriving network of DAOs. It’s a perfect place to get your feet wet in the project.

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A better way to collaborate

Alchemy is an interface for DAOs that want to seamlessly govern themselves, allocate resources and make effective decisions at scale.


News and Updates

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Decentralized Collaboration, at scale

Blockchain enables new forms of human association that combine the scale and efficiency of free markets with the alignment and coherence of startups. The future of work involves networks self-organizing around shared goals and interests, and a new economy where cooperation is the winning strategy. This is a future of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).


DAOstack enables the effective governance
of self-organizing collectives

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Blockchain governance
Decentralized governance based on Ethereum smart contracts enables faultless execution of crowd decisions.
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Programmatic cooperation
Crypto-economic incentive design at the individual level empowers frictionless cooperation at the collective level.
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Holographic consensus
Effective decision-making is possible with edge decisions guaranteed to be coherent with the will of the greater majority.


The foundations of a thriving DAO ecosystem

Mesh networks of smart companies, jointly building an anti-rivalrous economy. Decentralized collaboration at scale.
The native user interface for the DAO stack, one of many interoperable collaborative applications.
Collaborative applications to enable crowd cooperation around any goal.
A friendly API layer that lets front-end developers easily build collaborative applications on top of Arc without being familiar with Solidity or the blockchain.
DAOstack’s shared registries that enhance the interoperability and network effect among collaborative DApps built on top of the stack.
A modular Solidity framework on the Ethereum blockchain that enables smart companies to be easily deployed, configured and upgraded. With an open library of governance modules and templates, Arc is like a Wordpress for DAOs.


Arc is an evolutionary framework for scalable governance

Arc supports an infinite number of governance elements. Its library of schemes and global constraints will evolve as the DAOstack ecosystem grows, with new templates and modules developed and added by the open-source development community and third parties.
Every DAO’s governance structure is made of small building blocks – governance modules, or elements – that can easily be added, combined, edited or removed. Modules do not need to be redeployed onto the blockchain, but rather only referred to, saving storage and operation costs and enhancing security.
The governance structure of each DAO can easily be upgraded to use new schemes and constraints, or different parameters of existing ones. More granularly, each DAO created through Arc comes with a particular set of rules, which by default include the rules to change the rules.
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Eventually, everything connects

Usecase collaboration

Decentralized Collaboration

Imagine a new web of open collaboration in which individuals, organizations and communities can easily self-organize around shared goals and interests at any scale. It might be a film project with 1,000 artists, a news network with 10,000 journalists, or an open-source software project of 50,000 developers.

Usecase curation

Decentralized Curation

Allowing Inter-subjective networks of people to rank the quality of objective world subjects, from hotels, restaurants and shops - to websites, articles and news feeds. Imagine decentralized curation networks where the contributors are the owners, editors and users.

Usecase ownership

Decentralized Ownership

Effective mechanisms for large-scale collective decision-making enable crowds to co-own and co-manage assets and funds. Think of decentralized investment funds, insurance networks, or charitable organizations, where value is shared proportionally, and the interests of all stakeholders are closely aligned.

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DAOstack runs on GEN

GEN is the native token of the DAOstack platform. Basic operations across the DAOstack ecosystem – such as promoting proposals – will require the spending or holding of GEN. GEN will be distributed to contributors of value through the DAOstack framework itself, incentivizing development, promotion and adoption

Token Contract



We're all in this together

Team adam
Co-Founder / Technology
Deep Blockchain technologist. PhD in physics from the Technion. Former IDF radar engineer. Twenty-two years writing code.
Team nathalia
Ecosystem Development
Culture and living systems catalyst. Dalai Lama Fellow and Systems Engineer with a focus on social innovation and complex problem-solving. Artist, complexity geek and aspiring paraglider pilot.
Team matan
Co-founder & Architect
Leading expert in decentralized governance. PhD in Physics. DAO architect and blockchain entrepreneur since 2014.
Team oren
Highly experienced full stack SW developer. More than 20 years in a wide range of SW development projects. A passionate decentralization advocate. Loves transforming vision into code.
Team shira
Shira Smilanski
Personal guide and consultant. Former chief of training at the Intel development center (IDC), Israel. Educator and art student.
Team yehonatan
Polymath and connoisseur of operations. Crypto explorer since 2014. Winemaker and archeologist.
Team prim
Permanent researcher at the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris. Fellow at Harvard Law School.
Team tibet
Alchemy Developer
Experienced entrepreneur and technical leader. 25 years coding, 15 years of startup experience with two successful exits as VP of Engineering at NRG and 1BOG.
Team aaron
Front end Developer
Multidisciplinary designer, developer, and entrepreneur. 15 years of startup experience with two successful exits. Designed products that reached millions of users (Battle for the net, 1BOG).
Team erik
Erik Rodrigues
Pollinators project lead
Independent researcher and community organizer. South School of Internet Governance Fellow and former project lead for community-driven startups and non-profit organizations.
Team patrick
Communications & Community
Blockchain enthusiast and aspiring economist. Award-winning social media marketer.
Team stratis
Marketing & PR
Digital Marketer & Blogger. Passionate about free thought, free speech and free market.
Team doug
Fullstack Developer
Full stack do-it-all from way back and all around. Into complexity, meditation, anti-fragility, and the full dimensionality of life and the universe. Loves life, playing music and basketball.
Team alex
Alchemy Product Manager
Techy entrepreneur, with a passion for building things. Amateur gardener and productivity hacker.
Team ben
Solidity Developer
Software developer focusing on blockchain and decentralized networks. Autodidact, passionate about computer science and economics.
Team david
Social media manager
Growth Specialist for High Potential Startups for the last 10 years. Award winning Entrepreneur and Tech enthusiast.
Team colin
Visual Designer
Multi-disciplinary creative interested in designing & developing impactful brands. Over a decade in 3D, motion, and graphic design.
Team ezra
Content & Communications
Governance writer and researcher. Co-founder of Groupmuse. Professional trumpet player and composer.
Team livia
Community manager
Actress and performance artist. Independent researcher of human behaviors, symbolism and the Intersectionality of cultures.
Team jelle
Alchemy Lead Developer
Ph.D. in Logic. Over two decades of software development. Discovered the blockchain and never looked back.
Team eyal
Legal & Finance
Practices in civil, commercial and administrative litigation, general corporate and Blockchain-related counseling and Blockchain regulation.


Advisor daniel

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Co-founder, Neurohacker Collective. Founder, Critical Path Global. Evolutionary philosopher and integrated systems strategist.

Advisor jordan

Jordan Greenhall

Co-founder and ex-CEO of Divx. Co-founder of MP3.com. One of the leaders of the Deep Code movement.

Advisor yoni

Yoni Assia

Founder and CEO of eToro.com. Board Member of Meitav Dash. One of the pioneers of crypto trading.

Advisor martin

Martin Köppelmann

Co Founder and CEO of Gnosis. Entrepreneur and thought leader in the blockchain space.



The Beginning

  • Adam and Matan meet at the Technion and separately get hooked on blockchain


Early R&D

  • Matan and Primavera work full-time on R&D of decentralized governance protocols within Backfeed. Backfeed stops operations on May 2016.

January 2017

DAOstack Genesis

  • The work on the DAOstack code base is started. Adam and Matan join forces.

March 2017

The DAOstack Proof of Concept

  • The first Arc architecture is completed and an early prototype for the Alchemy interface is developed.

May 2017

Whitepaper Draft

September 2017

Founding DAOstack Gibraltar

  • Yehonatan and Roberto join the co-founding team

November 2017

Opening the Private Token Sale

  • Gnosis joins as lead investor and partner
  • iAngels and NFX co-lead the Seed round

February 2018

Genomics Release (Alpha)

  • Arc code-base freeze and testnet launch
  • Arc.js released
  • Genesis protocol (holographic consensus) is developed and implemented
  • External auditing started

May 2018

Public token sale


Q3 2018

Genesis + Alchemy Release

  • Crowd management of funds
  • Contract stabilization & optimization
  • Improved voting protocols
  • Alchemy in Public Beta (50 agents)

Q4 2018

Pilot Program

  • Launch the Genesis DAO public pilot
  • Launch the Gnosis DAO and 5 other pilots

Q1 2019

Alchemy 2nd Release

  • DAO configuration
  • DAO browser
  • Predictors interface

Q2 2019

Genuine Release

  • Identity management
  • Reputation flow
  • Improved modularity and upgradability

Q3 2019

Alchemy 3rd Release

  • External integrations (Github, Slack, Telegram)
  • Mobile version

Q4 2019

Generosity Release

  • Off-chain architecture
  • IPFS & Swarm integration
  • Delegate voting