Empower your users
Accelerate your project
with Alchemy, a platform that lets user communities govern themselves
Projects with user communities that are:
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...are steering global culture and business.
Empowered user communities push their projects forward at an accelerating pace
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Traditional organizations can’t keep up.
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How Alchemy puts DAOs to work for your community
DAOs are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
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Empower your community members
  • Diamon icon 01 Anyone can submit a project proposal to a DAO
    Proposals include a project description and budget
  • Diamon icon 01 Proposals can be anything from contractor projects to policy changes
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Make your community meritocratic
  • Diamon icon 01 Proposals are passed by community vote
    Each decision is the product of group-wide collaboration
  • Diamon icon 01 Voting power is distributed to the community as “Reputation”
    An individual’s Reputation total dictates the decision-power of their vote
  • Diamon icon 01 Members who contribute more earn more Reputation
    Passing a proposal rewards the proposer
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Coordinate any number of users
  • Diamon icon 01 Alchemy handles huge numbers of proposals by boosting the most value-aligned proposals
    Participants in a prediction market predict which proposals a DAO is likely to pass
    The top proposals become "boosted"
  • Diamon icon 01 Boosted proposals are easier to pass
    Instead of a 51% majority, boosted proposals require only a relative majority, eliminating gridlock
  • Diamon icon 01 Even with very high activity levels, Alchemy DAOs are able to efficiently pass value-aligned proposals
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Provide transparency and security
  • Diamon icon 01 Financial and voting data processed on a blockchain
    Blockchains are immutable ledgers secured by software nodes all over the world
  • Diamon icon 01 Records are both publicly available and extremely secure
    Blockchains are by nature publicly readable and cryptographically tamper-proof
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The DAO Launch Process
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    Tell us about your project and the DAO you want to launch.
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    With our help, define your DAO’s mission, allocate initial funding, and assign Reputation to community members.
  • 3
    Onboard your user community to Alchemy using the text and video materials we provide.
  • 4
    Watch your DAO grow and create!
Partners launching DAOs on Alchemy
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